Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Best Things in Life are FREE!

John 8:32 "the TRUTH shall set you FREE" Think about somethings that are wonderful and better yet...FREE Sunsets, flowers, the Breeze, seasons, snow....guess what they are all from God for us to enjoy... Notice anything? FROM GOD. Right down to the Gospel God makes it so easy to love and know him...it is FREE...NO CHARGE. He makes it easy to se him...in nature. What would a day be without a sunrise or a sunsest? NOT a Day right...but still something that is so important..it is still free. What would stem be like with out a flower? Not a flower. so on and so forth...He is all and all of him is free. When you know him he will make you Free. So if you are ready then take hold and begin enjoy his freedom and your freedom in him.

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